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Reading Trajectory In River Rapids

Understanding the basic trajectory of your kayak when you get into the water is an incredibly important part of enjoying your kayaking experience. Without that basic understanding you'll be nothing more than yet another random piece of flotsam being tossed around by the river. Trajectory itself is a vital term as well as a necessary sort of math in the sport. Your trajectory is a combination of the angle at which you're facing, the speed of the kayak, and the speed or direction of the current. Y need to know where you're going and by paying close attention to these factors you'll be ready for whatever the river might throw at you. The basics of angling and speed for maneuvering are instilled in kayakers at a very early stage. Most beginners know the basics. Getting out there into the midst of a heavy rapid can often cause you to forget or stop paying attention to the details you're trained to look for. You're going to have a trajectory no matter where you're headed in the river. What's most important is tha...


Would The Ancient Hawaiians Even Recognize The Sport Of Surfing Today?

Surfing is the only type of sport where the person relies on the wave to pick them up and for them to do tricks. Unlike body boarding and kite surfing you have to stand up fast before the wave breaks on you so you can get down the line and do your tricks on the wave.Surfing first had started way back in Hawaii when Captain James cook was on the island. The boards they used back then were made from heavy thick wood so it made them hard to even paddle out. They were later made from other materials but not till way later when the modern short board came into play. After the short board came into the picture it changed surfing forever. Surfers could then use smaller boards but they would still float the same way as the others. Except now they could catch waves fast and do tricks that they had never done before. The boards allowed them to get down the line faster then ever so they could do new aerial tricks. The airs first started in California and places like that then other surfers started to do the same tricks ...


Beach Chairs Help make a Day at the Beach More Relaxing

Beach chairs are not only practical and functional, they are also colorful and fun. I've noticed through the years that a day on the beach is fun and relaxing in direct relation to the toys and goodies you bring with you. The right chairs, umbrellas, and blankets or towels are some of the things that go in this category. Think how lame it would be to try to spend the day with your kids on a beach somewhere without something to sit down on. You would get tired, hot, and irritated in no time at all. And lunch would take on a whole new level of meaning wouldn't it? It's a no-brainer that the right chairs go a long way to making the day more comfortable and enjoyable.The first time we bought beach chairs we really skimped. They lasted all of one season and had to be tossed out. The webbing frayed and split. The colors faded. They just weren't worth keeping. Looking back I realize now that I should have brought the same attitude to purchasing those as I generally do to other things. That is, buy the very best you...


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